Graham Gemoets

Graham Gemoets, Eventertainer & Owner

I’ve spent my entire life planning events. With my mother’s good china, a kids’ cookbook and a box of Bisquick, I started hosting amateur dinners at age nine.

Entrepreneurial by eleven, I started a lemonade business and recruited the younger, cuter kids in the neighborhood to flag down cars.  I even built a portable stand to move from corner-to-corner on a moment’s notice, depending on the flow of traffic.

In my first Montrose apartment, $10 in groceries and some sheet-covered plywood on cinderblocks set the stage for frequent “on the floor” supper parties.

A University of Houston graduate, I spent a decade planning tradeshows for WorldCom, but it was my subsequent experience executive assisting their billionaire former president that served as a combination graduate/finishing school.

Self-employed by 2006, I tackled my first catered affair: A giant Christmas party where practically everything I owned was utilized for décor - old college textbooks and gently-worn lampshades were swathed in fabric and recruited to elevate each-and-every secondhand plate and platter I owned.

Now, having assembled a merry team of well-seasoned professionals to form Butter & Company, we work hard to ensure the buttery goodness of catered events all around Texas. Our flair for the original ensures each-and-every one of our clients can “Party Like a Millionaire,” even on a budget.

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